During my Ice Skating career I have been fortunate enough to participate in numerous ice skating competitions, events, exhibitions and ice shows, which have given me the opportunity to visit a variety of countries around the world, performing in front of various sized audiences and gaining experience in all capacities of Ice Skating.

Alongside my competitive career ice skating has allowed me to have some incredible experiences which included performing at Elton Johns White Tie and Tiara Ball, main character in a Cannes Award winning advert, stared in the Christmas special Strictly Ice Dancing on the BBC and recently coached Gary Lucy who in my opinion was one of the best celebrity ice skaters for Dancing on Ice Series 5. This then led onto me being involved in a full time coaching role on Dancing on Ice series 6. Please visit the Dancing on Ice page for an insight to the most amazing experience I've had professionally and personally.


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Name: Robert Burgerman
Discipline: Ice Dancing
Coaches: Garry Hoppe (ISU Judge) – 11 Years
                Diane Towler-Green MBE – 6 Years
Competitive Career: 1986 – 2003

At an early age I discovered a great passion for performing and competing on the ice as well as off it, significantly noted when I was just 11 years old when I became part of the British International Squad. This was eventually achieved at all levels including Novice, Junior and Senior.

In 1998 with my former partner, Phillipa Towler-Green we were included in the British Olympic Team along with John and Sinead Kerr (Current British Champions, 2009 European Bronze Medalist).

Through my competitive career I have been taught by 2 of the most decorated coaches in the UK one being Diane Towler MBE. Diane is a former 4 times World Champion and helped revolutionise the sport by introducing lifts into the routines in Ice Dancing.

Diane who coached myself and her daughter Phillipa Towler-Green created a great relationship and understanding in the team which was pivotal to us winning Gold at the British Junior Championships in 2000 and compete at Junior Worlds in Bulgaria. The winners at this event (Domnina / Shabalin) have also held the title of World Ice Dance Champions.

My other coach, who taught me from the barrier, is current ISU Judge Gary Hoppe who had a huge influence on my passion for competing and being so focused around the technical side of figure skating and the importance of correct basic teaching. This is an area of Ice Dancing which as a coach I appreciate more now than ever and realise without this understanding and knowledge as a figure skater you will never reach your full potential without the correct foundations.

With the background of Gary and Diane I have had the privilege to be coached by 2 of the most technically astute skating professionals in the UK of recent years, and I intend to teach all my pupils of all ages and abilities the same way I was, by instilling excellent knowledge of basic skating which will no doubt bring out the best in each performance they ever give.

One of the most important lessons taught to me was to ALWAYS, ALWAYS HAVE FUN and ENJOY your skating...

...Speaking of fun...

The most recent project I’ve worked on has been as Assistant Coach on ITV's his show Dancing on Ice. The opportunity to work on a daily basis with ice skating legends Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean and Head Coach on the show Karen Barber has been one of the most amazing experiences throughout my career which will hopefully continue for future series.

Previously I have been lucky enough to perform at Elton Johns White Tie and Tiara Ball, which was a fantastic experience. I have also skated for the screen by performing in a Cannes Award winning advert which was aired in Holland. This advert was also awarded funniest commercial of the year in a programme in the USA. The advert can be viewed by clicking on the link on the right of this page.

Prior to Dancing on Ice I was involved in a Christmas special of Strictly Ice Dancing on the BBC which had included Nicky Slater (Dancing on Ice Judge). My partner in the programme was Jessica Taylor from pop group Liberty X. After 1 month of me teaching her and us working very hard together, we had choreographed a programme ready for the show, not without having great fun along the way. We finished in first place after the judges had awarded their marks but unfortunately the audience had the deciding vote David Seaman, ex England goalkeeper to win the competition. Jessica Taylor went on to compete in series 4 of Dancing on Ice 2009 and in my opinion she deserved to finish in the final Bolero skate off against the superb Ray Quinn.

Please view the pictures in the gallery for an insight to the Strictly experience.

Competitive Career

Not only have I won medals internationally, but have also been just as successful in the UK, be it winning Gold, Silver or Bronze in the majority of competitions entered. My first competition was when I was 7 where I won Gold, this was held at Romford Ice Arena:

Below is a brief description of my competitive career:

  • British Primary Championship
    1992 – 2nd
  • British Junior Championship:
    1995 – 4th
    1997 – 4th
    1998 – 2nd
    1999 – 2nd
    2000 – 1st
  • British Senior Championship
    2001 – 4th
    2002 – 4th
International Career
  • Junior International Gdansk, Poland
    1996 – 15th
  • Junior ISU Grand Prix Montreal, Canada
    1999 – 7th
  • Junior ISU Grand Prix Bled, Slovenia
    1999 – 11th
  • Junior ISU Grand Prix World Ranking 18th
  • Junior ISU Grand Prix Kiev, Ukraine
    2000 – 6th
  • Junior ISU Grand Prix Hamer, Norway
    2000 – 11th
  • Junior ISU Grand Prix Rome, Italy
    2000 – 3rd
  • World Junior Championships Sofia, Bulgaria
    2001 – 19th
  • Overall Junior World Ranking 15th
  • Senior International Obersdorf, Germany
    2001 – 12th
  • Senior International Vienna, Austria
    2002 – 6th
  • Senior International Olomouc, Czech Republic
    2002 – 2nd

During my Skating career I have been fortunate enough to participate in numerous skating competitions, events, exhibitions and ice shows, which have given me the opportunity to visit a variety of countries around the world.

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Robert Burgerman

Robert Burgerman is a professional ice skating coach, with years of experience as a competitive ice dancer.

Due to his expertise, Robert was asked to work as a full-time coach for Dancing on Ice Series 6. He will also be working with the celebrities on forthcoming series.

He continues to take private lessons at Lee Valley Ice Centre.

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